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Frequently Asked Questions About Lice and Lice Treatments

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Are over the counter head lice removal products and sprays completely safe?
NO. Most are toxic pesticides. Unlike many lice treatments, our process relies on a non-toxic solution and a proven combing method.

Do hairsprays and gel deter lice from going on to the head?
NO. It is a myth that these products prevent anyone from getting head lice. Head lice will go on any head.

How long do lice live of a host?
Head lice can only live 24 hours of the host.

Do head lice lay their eggs on my furniture?
NO. Head lice only lay their eggs on the head, eggs need the scalp's warmth to hatch.

If my child gets head lice, does it mean we have poor hygiene?
NO. Lice actually prefer clean and healthy hair, it is easier for them to attach their eggs and move around.

Can head lice jump or fly?
NO. Lice do not jump or fly, they spread by head to head contact.

Once you have head lice are you less likely to catch it again?
Actually, the opposite. Lice leave a scent that actually "calls"other lice and letting them know that you are a good food source. Additionally you often return to the same group of friends, at school or sleepovers, where lice most likely already exist. This is why many parents find they must repeat lice treatments again a short time later.

Successful, permanent head lice removal means diligent, proactive efforts.

Can you drown and wash away lice if you take a shower?
NO. Lice can hold their breath for up to 2 hrs & lock their claws into the hair shaft, allowing them to hang on for dear life.