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No one wants to have to deal with this problem, but once it arrives (and if you have school aged kids, most likely it will at some point), you'll want to deal with it quickly and thoroughly! That is where Rebecca comes in. Oh sure you could do this on your own, but if you miss just one little nit (and they are hard to see!) the problem begins all over again.

Rebecca is knowledgeable, kind, patient and very thorough! She went through every strand of hair to cleared out the problem, then came for a follow-up visit the next week to make sure we were all clear. Rebecca was awesome, and I would recommend her to anyone!

Lori P. - Napa


Awesome, made me feel comfortable , ok and gave me plenty of knowledge! I would recommend to anyone, she is wonderful!!!!!!

Christina B. - Sonoma


Well, all I can say is that Rebecca handled my family's lice problem as thoroughly as possible which says a lot when you have lice! I could not have managed on my own with 2 school aged children (one has a ton of hair), myself (as it turned out) and my husband! Yikes!

Rebecca came into our home and tackled the job for 4 hrs her first round until she felt comfortable that we were 99% cleared at the very least (she showed me each and every bowl of water for evidence of it). She returned for a follow up to make sure there were no remaining eggs that hatched or new eggs. My daughters were sent to camp for 7 days and upon their return I had Rebecca come over again just to make sure that in between nothing else surfaced! She cleared us all and gave us advice on how to control any future problems. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who has a lice problem - she will eradicate it.

Joanne C. - Sonoma